We’re here to stop animal homelessness and abuse. Our goal is to help provide consistent revenue for our partners who work tirelessly to eradicate the sufferage of un-homed animals.

How We Provide Consistent Revenue

Our organization is funded primarily by the sales of our products and each product sold helps to buy digital asset mining equipment that generates consistent monthly revenue for animal rescues and sanctuaries world wide.

Our data centers allow us to provide a consistent monthly revenue to our rescue and sanctuary partners. Our partners receive 70% of West Nomad's monthly revenue in forms of donations which allows our rescue partners to grow at a better rate and helps us toward the goal of ending animal homelessness and abuse at a lot faster pace.

When was West Nomad Created?

West Nomad was created in 2016 to care for vulnerable animals. After becoming friends as they worked together, Ryan and Dalton started to talk about the different ways in which they can make a difference concerning the problem of abuse and homelessness in animals.

The Story

Through their mutual fondness for animals and their desire to fight for animal rights and raise awareness about the homeless animals, both men created West Nomad. They noticed that they both had similar personal experiences with animals. It was at that point that they knew where to start if they wanted to make a difference. Ryan and Dalton noticed that the biggest obstacles that animal rescues and shelters have are keeping a steady income stream or getting donations to assist in their day-to-day operations.

We have a sturdy technical and financial background. This is why it was easy to turn a one-time donation to rescuing homeless animals into a constant flow of income for our partners who work around the clock to rescue endangered animals. Our rescue partners work around the clock seven days a week to provide homes for the affected animals. They are determined to end the issue of animal abuse.