Our Investment Projects

Running an organization like West Nomad will require regular access to funds. West Nomad generates revenue for its operations through several means. We engage in several projects that help us finance our day-to-day operations and the day-to-day operations of the animal rescues and sanctuaries we work with. We do digital currency mining and provide digital currency loans. West Nomad also engages in the acquisition of stakes in several enterprises and real estate investing. These avenues help us generate revenue for our daily operations and contributions to the rescues and sanctuaries.

Real Estate Investing

We directly invest in a broad range of real estate assets globally. These assets are situated in residential districts in the world's major real estate markets.

Company Acquisitions

West Nomad owns a stake in dozens of big firms. These firms help us provide a steady revenue stream for our daily operations.

Digital Currency Mining

We have access to a mix of hardware, and software as well as the operational expertise to create, and optimize data centers in a low-cost way. We do this via the leading options in attractive jurisdictions. This allows West Nomad to generate revenue for our daily operations.

Digital Currency Loans

West Nomad lends out our digital assets in the form of digital currency loans. These loans generate up to 13% returns which are used as revenue for our daily operations.